exciting things I do


My name is Dylan my friends call me Dylpickle I am living in seattle washington in Medina and I have been doing game design and coding for the last three years and I have been working with anything in the technology catagory for the lst few years so I am basically a techno man I am currently going to SAAS Seattle Arts and Sciences.

Dylpickle AKA Dylan is currently living in Seattle Washington in medina my house

Things I love!!
  1. I love u
  2. I love robot fighting

  3. Robot fighting
  4. I love reading

  5. BOOKS!
  6. I love writing

  7. I love making robots
  8. I love coding
  9. favorite gaming website
  10. I love acting
  11. I love cooking
  12. funny chef very comical
  13. I love building with legos
  14. legos!!!!!!!!
  15. I love making movies
  16. This is one of my favorite lego sets plus the music is good
    This is the funniest video ever its so funny you will fart like I did